Greetings Ocona Lake Estates Community Members:

I am pleased to announce the results of the election of Executive Board Members for our community.  The results are as follows:

Elected to the Executive Board:

  1. Brian Whitener
  2. Mark Karpinski
  3. Gene Kozlowski
  4. Phil Fimiani
  5. David Wyatt

The determination of officers within the Board will be the decision of the Executive Board members as is consistent with the Declaration.  The positions of Secretary and Treasurer are positions that are not elected but rather appointed by the Executive Board.  These positions will be announced and updated on on our website after the first Board meeting of the new year.  Annual dues invoices will go out at this time as well. 

Voting Process:

In an effort to reach everyone in the community and make the voting process easy for all, the opportunity to vote at the meeting by ballot, to vote online and by proxy were all offered.  The votes were automatically tabulated online and certified by 3 individuals.  Going forward, we will continue to  utilize our website and online methods to make things easier for all members in our unique community setup. As a reminder the majority of members are not in the same geographical area.  We do ask that if questions arise that you contact one of the board member listed on the community website.   This will ensure that you have access to accurate, factual information and help avoid any accidental confusion created from rumors, hearsay, or non-board members giving unintentionally incorrect information. 

This Board thanks you for your support and looks forward to serving you for the next two (2) years.  Your decision to keep the current Board members in place will allow for consistency and continuity as they see the very complex water plan through to fruition.

As always, we would like to remind you that the current list of board members, contact information, meeting minutes, calendar of events, and all other information can be found at

Voting Results 

Click here to view the voting results from this years election of the executive board.