Current HOA Dues

  • Annual HOA Dues Per Lot  $300

  • Annual HOA Dues Per Lot + Home  $475.00

  • Electrical costs for well usage is $78 per home.

  • Special Assessment of $350 is due March 31st.

Special Assessments

  • Ocona Lake has had small special assessments the past couple of years since 2018 in an attempt to upgrade our water system.
  • Special Assessments are planned for 2021 and 2022. This should complete the water capacity additions and upgrades for Ocona Lake.
  • Special Assessments will be due March 31st 2021

Well and Water

  • We currently have a moratorium on new homes connecting to Ocona Lake water system. We are in the middle of adding wells and constructing new water lines to add well capacity. 

  • The neighborhood water system is a private well water system. Water pressure can vary so having a plumber install a pressure reducing valve at your home is highly recommended

HOA Dues and Special Assessments

  • Annual HOA Dues should be paid no later than July 31st of each calendar year. A reminder will be sent out via physical mail or email depending on your preference.

  • Late Fees are calculated at 10% as of 2017.

  • Payment preference is by check but PayPal is also an option. There is a 3% processing that will need to be added to all Paypal transactions.

  • In accordance with our Declarations, annual dues and Special Assessments are by lot number rather than parcel, pin, or address. Please see the Declarations for details.

Board of Directors

  1. The Board of Directors are voted on at the annual meeting of the members in October of each calendar year. If you are interested in serving please submit your request before the annual meeting.

Neighborhood Events

  1. We have four scheduled neighborhood clean-up days on the calendar. Please let us know if you would like to participate. Please note that this is something new we are trying to reduce the budget as much as possible. If participation is limited we will need to add additional funds to the budget in order to fulfill needed projects.

Short Term Rentals

Blue Mist Entrance

  • In the event of inclement weather such as snow and ice the paved entrance to Ocona Lake will be impassable. Community members and visitors should use the entrance at Blue Mist mountain less than a quarter mile away. 
  • Large trucks for gravel, concrete, etc should always use the entrance at Blue Mist.