Ocona Lake Special Assessment 2021-2022

As most of you already know, the current board of directors as well as the previous board of directors have been working hard to update and complete our water systems in Ocona Lake. This has already been a two year process with most of the front side of the community at or near completion. A phased plan was presented and initiated in March of 2020. If you have followed the different phases (please see Water and Well Comprehensive Plan on the website) for this year, we have completed step one, identifying exactly how many lots we need to have a plan for future water hookups. Currently, we are in steps two and three, the planning phase for new well drilling locations and raising funds to drill said wells. 

One-time Water Hookup Incentive

We are also beginning to see water hookup incentives being paid. As a brief reminder, the water hookup incentive is a one time reduced rate being offered to help offset the costs and burden of Special Assessments for the community.

In good faith, we will continue with the plan of updating the water systems in Ocona Lake to remain within health code, increase property values, which are currently low for this area, and avoid costly litigation with community members who cannot currently hook into the water system. To see further information on the plan details, one time hookup incentive,  cost breakdowns and estimates, as well as future planning scenarios please click on the link below. 

Ocona Lake Special Assessment 2021-2022 Details.pdf

Water and Well Hookup Receipt Example

Click here to view an example of the water and well connection receipt that will now be given when new water connection fees are paid. This example is for the prepaid hookup incentive and is on file with the county so there is always a record of it. The HOA has a copy of this for all future water connection fees that are paid. 


The couple of maps below are to give an idea of the areas we desperately need to replace existing water lines as well as add water lines. There are several scenarios depending on the well sites that the county approves. In any case, the map of water lines is going to stay about 85% the same for this area of the community. This is only a visual to help understand the location of construction and updating.

Please click here to view the 2021 Budget Proposals

Please click here to take the 2020 Year End Survey. The survey is due by December 15th. We will have to send out certified mail to gain quorum if your response is not submitted by then.