Details for Skywave Internet coming to our community will be presented at the Mid-Year meeting on April 17th, 2021. In short, we will have to have a commitment from the majority if members before they will enter the community. Most of you are already aware of this so the sign up form below will place your name in the committed category for Skywave. As you will read on the form this is not actually subscribing for their services at this time.

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Skywave, an internet provider in Western NC, has finally obtained a solution to assist our community in having a high speed internet option. The basics of Skywave is that they utilize a satellite/cellular style option for the most part. Typically, they daisy chain or bounce signals from satellite dish to satellite dish; or to repeaters in strategic locations. This presents a problem for most lots in our community and many others like us due to no line of sight. The solution is to run fiber in our community so that we are not completely line of sight dependent. This is called a hybrid solution, utilizing both traditional fiber lines as well as continuing to use the small white dishes and repeaters. Skywave was able to obtain a grant to offset the enormous cost to construct such infrastructure. Their plan is to run fiber throughout most of our community buried in the road. Some important highlights can be seen below.

  • Installation Fees - We will only pay the typical $150 install fee for Skywave. This is only due to the grant.
  • Commitment - We will need the majority of homes to sign up for them to install in our community. If we do not get this buy-in the grant will be used for similar communities. 
  • Timeframe - Once we have the commitment the fiber has to be ordered. Skywave states around two months for that to come in. So if we can get the majority committed by May 1st, we may be looking at a late Summer or early Fall construction start date.

Packages that will be offered if we have the hybrid system.

  • 25mbps download/ 3 upload = $75.00
  • 50mbps download/ 5 upload = $100.00
  • 100mbps download/ 10 upload = $125.00

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