We recognize that most people who own property here have either never been here, are only here when vacationing or part-time, or have a rental property. This means most people have limited knowledge of the well and water systems, and or are unaware of just how bad or outdated the water system in Ocona Lake actually are. In the video, Gene and Brian discuss the real impacts of this outdated water system for ALL owners in Ocona Lake. January 2020 through December 2020 we have currently spent $4700 in water line and well repairs alone. This has nothing to do with adding the necessary capacity needed for the remaining lots in Ocona Lake which is another issue all together. The Special Assessment outlined for 2021-2022 addresses some of the issues with outdated and incorrectly buried water lines that consistently break, by-passing the reservoir mentioned, as well as adding water lines where needed to service additional homesites. By proactively(I use the term loosely because we are really so far behind in this process) replacing the water lines we will save thousands of dollars on an emergency repairs alone to just this one reservoir mentioned in the video. This would be the first area of water line replacement in our overall plan for the back and middle sections. Please review this short video and understand the severity of the situation for your home or your lot. A separate letter will go out at the beginning of the year outlining options we may have to face if there are any further major repairs needed when there is no funds left in the budget for water and well repairs. We all have our fingers crossed this does not happened as there will most likely be significant delays in providing water and thousands of band-aid dollars spent that could have gone to just correcting the issue.