Ocona Lake 2021 Budget Proposal and Explanation

At the annual meeting of the members the Board of Directors presented that we would submit two budgets for the members to choose from this upcoming year. The idea behind this is to gauge where the community stands as far as our annual budget. The Board of Directors receives input throughout the year. Some members would like to see additional line items created as well as more money spent on a handful of current line items. This would obviously increase the annual dues for members. There are also those who are happy with our current budget and the annual dues therein. 

As stated at the annual meeting, the Board of Directors have no input on which budget is chosen. We just wanted to give the Members a choice this year.  As lots and homes change hands over time it is important for the Board of any Homeowner’s Association to take into account the input from new homeowner’s along with those who have been in the community for some time. You can view further details regarding the budget as well as how to submit a vote for the budget of your choosing on the website. 

Budget Proposal Explanation

A brief explanation for the line items in "Budget Proposal B" that have additional spending can be seen in the notes and are specifically related to member concerns throughout the year. 

Please click here to review Budget Proposal A

Please click here to review Budget Proposal B

Budget Proposal Notes:

  • Budget A is basically the same budget that we have had the past few years with the "restricted lot" adjustment. An explanation was given at the annual meeting and can be found in the annual meeting minutes.
  • Budget B is a proposed option for the members to choose from with more money allocated to specific areas that sometimes receive complaints or concerns. An explanation was given at the annual meeting.

Instructions to Submit Your Input

No different that in years past, we do not obtain quorum at the annual meeting. In an attempt to save the HOA hundreds of dollars, each member should submit the budget of their choosing via the “2021 Year End Survey” link provided below. We will make alternate arrangements where necessary. Please assist us in saving the HOA hundreds of dollars by submitting your response online vs us having to send out certified mail. All responses need to be submitted by December 15th

Special Assessment Details

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Year End Survey and Submit Budget Proposal

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